Clerk to the West Midlands Lieutenancy: Martin Tunstall JP

Martin was appointed as Clerk to the West Midlands Lieutenancy in December 2012 after almost four years with the Staffordshire Lieutenancy; he has now worked with five Lord-Lieutenants.

Martin served as a police officer for more than 30 years in Staffordshire and then moved onto become a member of police support staff for a further 5 years.  Through the later part of his police service he was the co-ordinator of security and policing of Royal visits in the County of Staffordshire for 13 years.

Martin is determined to increase the number of Birthday and New Year’s Honours awarded to recipients in the West Midlands County and he wants the West Midlands Lieutenancy to encourage a greater number of nominations of Queen’s Awards for Voluntary Service and Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.